Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Umm Suraaqah

I entered an open society. I walked through it and saw its sqaures. I wanted to know its condition.. i realized that theres no need to explore or check.. for its doors are open and its secrets exposed, so i asked about my fellow sisters??

I saw them deceived by fake appearance, by attractive looks..running after new trends with fake slogans, and they all race to say "Im the best"..

You see them walking freely in malls, lost in the streets, wasting money.. and at weddings they are clothed but naked, everyone of them show off her new dress, high heels, the new see them wearing a new dress at every gathring.

We see the the extravagance and wastefulness, heedlessness without any reminders. So they closed their doors and puled their curtains so they wont get disturbed by hot air or painfull screams, whinings, banging noises or burning fire..

Its like they were created for themselves, they've been deceived by the dunya and its fancy glitter, its temporary enjoyments and forgotten or purposely forgotten that they have a family other than their real family, brothers other than their real brothers. They are tied to them by the best humanly bonds..those who are kicked out of their homes, with sorrowful hearts and their money stolen.. we see men killed, imprisoned and opressed by the opressors with orders. We see women who lives the life of fear and hunger in homes frightened after the missing of the loved ones and the absence of the guardian..light cut off in the dark rooms as the result of the destruction.

She fear that the enemys soldier will break off he door..violate the honour of the beloved one..she wipes away the tears of a sad child..his stomach makes noises out of hunger, he sleeps in a room without cover and cant find anything warm, except his mothers lap..who tries to sleep but gets awaken by the noises of the tanks and explosions..all this is the result of the enemy who took our lands with oppression and persecution.. with power, hatred and by force and enmity..stealing and robbing..

We see blood and bodies, imprisonment, persecution and destruction..and still those women have closed their balconies, and they have turned away their hearts..until when will the hinder and disertion continue, and until when this heedlesness and forgetfullness?

O sister, how do sleep nicely while theres eyelids awaken by the enemies hands..?

and how do you enjoy living while your brothers go through what they go through from tragedies and several trials?

Or how do you enjoy life when your sisters go through what they go through?

O descendant of Khadeejah, 'Asmaa' and 'Aa'ishah..isnt it time for you to realize that in dunya theres life and death, truth and falsehood, trials and blessings, fitnah and tamkeen, Islam and kufr?

I wonder who from among the women today worries about the Ummah? Who among the women cried over the massacre of Jineen, Nablous and Rafah?

Which one among the women cried over the fall of Kaabul? Or which among them cried over the fall of Baghdaad?

By Allaah, you dont see among the women except those who cry over their "love", and are not at least pained over that which befalls this Deen and its people!! (Illaa Man rahima Rabbee)

O sister, You have to wake up the hearts of men, and raise the spirits of the heroes..and say, we refuse humiliation and subjection, misery or succumb..and we want to be free from bowing to the cross worshippers..

You have to push your loved ones to the battlefield, for the sake of The Most Beloved, The Lord of Mankind who is more deserving that we sacrifice the most beloved to us for His sake, from our lives, and our earnings.

I say to you my Muslim Sister, the least that is expected from you is when the men leave for Jihaad, that you stay silent and are pleased by Allaahs orders. Do not become an obstacle on their way to paradise or Allaahs pleasure.

Allaah Says (translated meaning)

"Those who prefer the life of this world instead of the Hereafter, and hinder (men) from the Path of Allah (i.e.Islam) and seek crookedness therein - They are far astray."[Surat Ibraheem, vers 3]

So be like Al-Khansaa', Nusaybah Bin Ka'b and Safiyyah Bint 'Abd al-Muttalib whose examples still can be found in our time, those who seek to lift the humiliation and shame from this Ummah and raise the Banner of victory for Islaam and muslims with the blood of their sons and to stop the kufr and communistic rise from the lands of Islam and its people

O sister, why dont you become like the example of Umm Suraaqah..and what do you know about Umm Suraaqah. She sent her son for Jihaad in Afghanistaan, and when he got shahaadah they (the mujahideen) said how do we inform her about her sons death? So they said, if sheikh Abdullah 'Azzam talks to her it would be easier on her. So shaikh 'Azzam cals her and gave her the glad tidings of her sons Shahaadah and he told her words of comfort on patience, but she didnt need those words at all, and it was as if she was waiting for this news with she replied to the sheikh saying:"Alhamdulillaah for Suraaqahs Matyrdom and in a week i will send you his brother to replace him. [1]

By: Umm Azzam, Sawt al-Jihaad

[1] This story was mentioned in the book " The Role of the Women in Fighting the Enemies " by Sheikh Yousef 'Uyayri Rahimahullaah

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