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Ramadan Mubarak slaves of Allah

May Allah Azza wa Jall in this blessed month strengthen our resolve to move forward and strive to gain His good pleasure and return the dignity to our muslim family ameen.
May Gracious Allah protect them and especially our righteous leaders , our courageous mujahideen , our sabrun Aseer , our oppressed , the widows , the orphans , the delights of our eyes and all the supporters of the muslims establishing Haqq ameen

Traditional dress in the Caucasus Mountains

ca. 1940, Caucasus Mountains, USSR --- Muslim women, crowd a street in the Caucasus region, to listen to a speaker deliver a speech. Notice that full veils are the predominate style being worn, yet more evidence that fully covering has a long and correct history in wide areas.

And to our enemies who refuse right guidance

Verily, you have no power over My servants”. The equation is thus bright and clear, and the result is brighter and clearer “for any that has a heart and understanding or who gives ear and earnestly witnesses (the truth).The cunning of Shaitan is weak, then what about his followers and supporters

In Allah we trust and to Him we return with smiling faces by His grace

O enemies unto yourselves

Bismillair Rahmanir Raheem

O Maryam (Mary)! Verily, Allâh has chosen you, purified you (from polytheism and disbelief), and chosen you above the women of the 'Alamîn (mankind and jinn) (of her lifetime)."
O Mary! "Submit yourself with obedience to your Lord (Allâh, by worshipping none but Him Alone) and prostrate yourself, and Irkâ'i (bow down) along with Ar-Râki'ûn (those who bow down)."

My dear sisters Ar-Rakiun [ those who bow down ] submit and embrace Allah"s Deen completely , I address this message to you , for you are the mothers and teachers of the future warriors and and dawah carriers of this noble deen

On the authority of Anas RA) [ Fath Al Bari . 7 158, ] RasulAllah salla Allahu Alaihe wa sallam described how , on his Night Journey , he encountered an old women , and was thereupon told by Jibriel , "This old woman is the mortal world [ ad-dunya]
in the words of another hadith on the authority of Abu Hurairah ra) (ibid.) the RasulAllah salla Allahu Alaihe wa sallam " passed by people who were sowing and harvesting ; and every time they completed their harvest [ the grain ] grew up again , Jibriel said, These are the fighters in Allahs cause [ mujahidun ] then they passed by people whos heads were being shattered by rocks ,and every time they were shattered they became whole again , [ Jibriel ] said .These are those whos heads were oblivious of prayer ........Then they passed by a people who were eating raw , rotten meat and throwing away good , wholesome meat . Jibriel said , these are the adulterers. "

For a muslim ummah to function in a manner that suits His Majesty Al Mutakabbir it must follow the footsteps of Rasulullah [sall Allahu Alaihe wa sallam ] and the Sahabah raa]

Rasulullah salla Allahu Alaihe wa sallam said
" Follow my sunnah and the sunnah of the rightly guided Khalifahs. "

"Dont follow the living among you but follow the ones that are dead ".
[ The companions of RasulAllah saws] They were the best of this ummah.

Aisha RA) said " The Messenger of Allah SAWS) did something as an example in order to make things easier for people , but some people still refrain from doing it . When RasulAllah SAWS) heard that , he praised Allah and said
What do you think of people who refrain from anything that I myself do ?
By Allah I am the greatest of them in knowledge of Allah and the strongest of them in fear of Allah
[ Sahih Muslim & Bukhari ]

A question that keeps disturbing others and myself , and is repeatedly coming up in Fiq classes is

" can I put a clause in my marriage contract stating that my husband cannot take a second wife ."
Ya Lateef ..... shock horror not a second wife not my muslim sister being equal to me or taking something that belongs to me..... as if anything belongs to us anyway ... as we are just passing through going on a journey and a good husband is an asset and a trust but by no means the object of the journey ..... that solely belongs to the Al Waasey [ The All Embracing ]

Ive heard it many times and feel a need say something about this munka , to remind as the reminder profits the believers ,
may AR Rasheed [ The guide to the straight path ] direct our ways to please Him ameen

Dearest sisters is this a new fashion a new biddah a new selfishness appearing in our ummah and this is from the sisters who do Irka'i bow down , but this bowing down is not complete not comfortable not a source of total succumbing for if we cannot fully succumb to Allahs deen then we have missed the target we have strayed and become silly women who follows their own nafs their own intellect and left behind something of much higher value , something cherished , a privilege awarded to our sisterhood , for we have not bothered to climb the mountain but have been content to look at the mountain from afar .

2; 208. O you who believe! Enter perfectly in Islam (by obeying all the rules and regulations of the Islamic religion) and follow not the footsteps of Shaitan (Satan). Verily! He is to you a plain enemy.

Your not a believer until you love for your brother [ sister] what you love for yourself , a very simple statement by RasulAllah salla Allahu Alaihe wa Sallam , very easy to understand Alhumdu Lillah but probably one of the most profound set of words and certainly this encompasses a muslims interactions in social life .
So since when is it a wise thing that a human believes that their own judgement to be better than that of Al Hakam [ The Judge ]
He alone we worship and He alone has full sovereignty over all of our affairs
La huwla walla quwaita illah bilaah

3;133. And march forth in the way (which leads to) forgiveness from your Lord, and for Paradise as wide as are the heavens and the earth, prepared for Al-Muttaqun (the pious - see V.2:2).

Is it marching forth or racing towards Allah Azza wa Jall for His mercy , if when He opens an opportunity for us to strive and establish a sunnah and a great benefit to the ummah we cling to our half witted ideas from Jahilliyah using a western mindset and refuse to understand or even open up a way of Ascension

Would you exchange that which is higher for that which is lower ?

What concerns us and should occupy our minds and what we aim to achieve is steadfastness and uprightness in following what Allah has commanded. Everything else should come easy and seem insignificant in comparison with the magnitude of this great Religion and with the sacrifices of those good people before us, who sought to render this Religion victorious and pass it on to us tender, pure and complete.
Sheikh Abu Sa’d al-‘Amili HA)

When a sister doesn't want for her sister what she wants for herself , she is committing Thulm [ oppression ] and she becomes lower in the eyes of Allah , the eyes of her husband and the believers , she creates an unnecessary fitna [ trial ] puts her sister whos already struggling in more hardship , which in turn could even lead to a greater fitna authubillah . We seek Allahs direction in all matters ameen

We are not in a position to negotiate what it is we accept of islam , so please my sisters dont be an advocate for Shaytan who loves to cause strife amongst families and the strife is not your husband wanting another wife to please Allah but the strife is you refusing it , being an enemy unto yourself as Umar RA) so appropriately put it , may Allah lets his words forever live within our hearts either as a source of fear or comfort ,
Umar Ibn Khattab RA) said
I do not care in what state I wake in the morning whether it is good or bad. Since I dont know what is good for me or what is bad for me .

3; 74. Verily, those who conceal what Allah has sent down of the Book, and purchase a small gain therewith (of worldly things), they eat into their bellies nothing but fire. Allah will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection, nor purify them, and theirs will be a painful torment.

3; 175. Those are they who have purchased error at the price of Guidance, and torment at the price of Forgiveness. So how bold they are (for evil deeds which will push them) to the Fire.

3; 176. That is because Allah has sent down the Book (the Qur'an) in truth. And verily, those who disputed as regards the Book are far away in opposition

But the wronged sister who has sabr [ patience ] with the decree of Allah will prevail and improve in Allahs eyes bi itnillah and be rewarded for her mistreatment whilst the one who wishes to travail the transitory path of life will be the real loser even though she sees herself to be right and justified , and this is the worse state to openly declare the sunnah of Allah and His messenger SAWS) is beneath them, to disregard it , to disapprove of it, was it beneath our mothers ? the mothers of the believers , our noble role models , no , no by Allah what ever hardship they went through in plural marriages was diminished by full obedience to Allah first , their husband and a deep understanding of the hikma of allowing and participating in such a relationship.

155. And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.). certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad

If we love the Sahabah we will follow them in all aspect of life and more often than not they were all in polygamous relationships and one of many outstanding characteristics of these righteous men and women was they never left a widow or a divorced woman to fend for themselves , they truly loved for the each other what they loved for themselves , masha'Allah

Spread security in society so that justice and goodness prevail among all Muslims. The Almighty said, “It is those who believe and confuse not their beliefs with wrong – that are (truly) in security, for they are one (right) guidance.”

Al-Malahem Media Foundation.

Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu `alayhi wa sallam – peace be upon him) advised us to be gentle, kind, compassionate, and lenient in our dealings with one another. On the authority of Aisha (radi Allahu `anha – may Allah be pleased with her), the Messenger of Allah (saw) is reported to have said: “Allah is kind and He loves kindness in all affairs.” (Bukhari)

Forgive me for my direct words if they hurt your feelings dear sister , as a ummah our hearts should be one and this is something we all have to work on to the best of our ability for your actions hurt our sisters more than you will realize and if you feel you cant allow your husband his right then remember the mother of the believer who felt her jealously would ruin a great blessing , Allah supported her and made her failing drop from her just as tears drop upon our chests whenever we see the believers in difficulties, Allah always makes a way out of every difficulty Alhumdu Lillah

3; 103. And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah (i.e. this Qur'an), and be not divided among yourselves, and remember Allah's Favour on you, for you were enemies one to another but He joined your hearts together, so that, by His Grace, you became brethren (in Islamic Faith), and you were on the brink of a pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus Allah makes His Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.,) clear to you, that you may be guided

Please remember there are many sisters struggling and their children are in need of support and its all our duties to protect them , some sisters have lost their husbands and children some have been imprisoned and once release alienated from their protectors. I think we all know the ills that are happening in our societies we cant turn a blind eye just so we can enjoy the perks of married life .
Our aim in life is to seek Allahs pleasure we must work together for the betterment of all muslims feesabililah .
If you hold back your husband in this regard Allah will replace you with someone who does care for her sister so please take heed and strive to establish honor and dignity for all in our society especially when Allah SWT ) calls on you to do it , see it as a way to obtain His mercy on you and your children and see it as a step closer to a way of life we should all hanker after a life style similar to the Sahabah RAA) Think of your sister first and yourself last, as the hand that gives is superior , and the giver will be compensated by Allah more than we can understand for we are sisters who must be aware that the future days are the days of the sorting out those who really walk the talk and we must prepare our daughters for coming days when a man will look after 40 women
Times are a changing and we must adapt and return to the Days of RasulAllah SAWS) a mercy to mankind so our deen will prevail all over the world , this is for our children , our future generations .

no more selfish Islam but a Islam where the heart of the believer is Kareem [ Generous ]

2; 216 , and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.

We also need to protect the unborn children who are denied a right to be conceived in a halal manner when a sister denies her husband the right to marry again or makes difficulties for him once he's decided on a course to please Allah SWT)
If she does that she helps to obstruct muslim children to be born , this is not a insignificant matter it is a serious concern for all who fear Allah ,His justice and Judgement day
2; 205. And when he turns away (from you "O Muhammad "), his effort in the land is to make mischief therein and to destroy the crops and the cattle, and Allah likes not mischief

2; 223. Your wives are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth , when or how you will, and send (good deeds, or ask Allah to bestow upon you pious offspring) before you for your ownselves.
And fear Allah, and know that you are to meet Him (in the Hereafter), and give good tidings to the believers (O Muhammad ).

2; 231 And treat not the Verses (Laws) of Allah as in a frivolous spirit , but remember Allah's Favours on you (i.e. Islam), and that which He has sent down to you of the Book (i.e. the Qur'an) and Al-Hikmah (the Prophet's Sunnah - legal ways - Islamic jurisprudence, etc.) whereby He instructs you. And fear Allah, and know that Allah is All-Aware of everything.

Abu Amaamah ra) narrates that rasulAllah Salla Allahu Alaihe wa Sallam said
One who cuts the due [ Haqq] of a muslim [ this is binding , otherwise rights of all are equal ] by oath , so Indeed Allah Ta 'ala will make the Hell obligatory for him and will make Jannah haram for him .Somebody asked even if that was an ordinary thing , RasulAllah [ saws ] replied ,even if that was just a wooden stick of the people [ Sahih Muslim ]

42 : 20. Whosoever aspires (with his deeds) the harvest of the Hereafter, We give him increase in his harvest , and whosoever aspires to the harvest of this world (with his deeds), We give him thereof (what is written for him), and he has no portion in the Hereafter

please forgive my mistakes and may Allah rectify all our states towards working for Al Birr and establishing an Islamic world based Quran and Sunnah
Alhumdu Lillahi Rabil Alaimeen
with respects to my dear brothers and sisters on the eve of Ramadan Kareem
Maria bint Ahl Adh Dhimmah a lover of Justice

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The Struggle Is An Interpretation Of The Words

The Post-Imprisonment Phase By Sheikh: Abu Sa’d al-‘Amili (May Allah Protect Him)

If you revert to incarcerating us in order to distance us from the people and to stop our Da’wa mission; if you do that to prevent us from speaking the Truth, from promoting virtue, or from prohibiting vice; if you do that to prevent us from encouraging people to adhere to their religion and to perform their duties; then we will cling to patience and perseverance, and we will not surrender our principals, nor bow to you nor stop our mission. We will in fact return to pursuing the Da’wa even while in prison. We will exhort people to sound out the truth and resist deceit, expose it and defeat it. Hundreds or rather thousands of the sons of this Ummah will carry on this mission. These are the ones that you don’t know about, and you have not taken into account.

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Which is better: Ribaat or Residing in Makkah for worship?

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Which is better: Ribaat or Residing in Makkah for


by al-Imaam Ibn Taymiyyah

Source: ClearGuidance


Which is better: Ribaat or Residing in Makkah for worship?

Shaykh al-Islaam, Ahmad bin Taymiyyah, may Allah sanctify his soul about the hadeeth,

'Guarding a night at the shores is better than a mans actions for his family, for a

thousand years;' and on the residents of Makkah and al-Quds and al-Madeenah, (who

reside) with the intention of worship and total devotion to Allah, the Most High, and the

ones who reside in Dimyaat and Alexandria and Tripoli with the intention of

Ribaat...which of them is better?

So he answered:

Praise be to Allah...

Nay, residing at the frontlines of the Muslims, like the ones in the Levant and Egypt is greater than

being a neighbour of the three masaajid.

I do not know any difference of opinion amongst the people of knowledge on this issue, and more

than one of the scholars has explicitly stated this.

The reason is that Ribaat is part of Jihaad, and being a neighbour (or within the proximity) is part

of Hajj, as the Most High says: 'Do you consider the providing of drinking water to the

pilgrims and the maintenance of Al-Masjid-al-Haram (at Makkah) as equal to the worth

of those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and strive hard and fight in the Cause ofAllah?

They are not equal before Allah.' [at-Tawbah: 19]

And in the Saheehayn, the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wa salam was asked: 'Which

action is best?' He answered: 'Belief in Allah and His Messenger'. It was said, 'Then what?'. He

said: 'Then Jihaad in His path'. It was asked, 'Then what?' He responded 'Then dedicated

Hajj' [that is, Hajj free of doing trade, Hajj, just for its sake].

It has been narrated, 'An expedition in the path of Allah is greater than seventy pilgrimages'.

In Muslim's Saheeh, from Salmaan al-Faarisi, the Prophet of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wa salam said:

'The guarding (Ribaat) of a night and day in the path of Allah is greater than the fasting and

praying of a month; and whoever dies whilst in Ribaat, dies a Mujaahid, and he is given his reward

from paradise and is protected from the two tribulators (the angels who come at death)'

And in the Sunan, from 'Uthmaan, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu 'alayhi wa salam said: 'The

guarding of a day in the path of Allah, is greater than one thousand days in other than it of places,'

and this was said by 'Uthmaan on the pulpit of the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wa salam,

and it is said he narrated this to spread this Sunnah.

Abu Hurayrah said 'To do Ribaat for a night in the path of Allah is more beloved to me than to pray

on Laylat al-Qadr at the Black Stone'.

The rewards of Ribaat and guarding in the path of Allah are too many, and cannot mentioned fully

on this paper.

And Allah knows best.

[See Majmoo' al-Fataawaa 28/5]

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The Sanctuary

The Battlefield The Safest Place on Earth

If only we realized the reality of the day of inevitable terror and potential punishment we would

realize the reason for living. I have dedicated my life to escaping the wrath of Allah. I have given

my life to pleasing the One who created me. I fall short everyday but it still remains my goal. In

order to reach this goal I orientated my study and attention to finding safety from Hell and a route

to the Paradise. Ironically, I have found no safer place for me in the heavens or Earth than the

battlefield fighting (physically) for the sake of Allah.

Amir Sulaymaan

Thursday, July 14, 2011

To the Signatories of the Lord of the Worlds in Yemen

In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate

Praise be to Allah, Who doesn’t forget those who remember Him. Praise be to Allah, Who

doesn’t disappoint those who pray to Him. Praise be to Allah, Who alone is Trustworthy. Praise

be to Allah, Who rewards good deeds with blessings. Praise be to Allah, Who gives the patience

that overcomes. Praise be to Allah, Who removes the pain of hardship. Praise be to Allah, in

Whom we trust when we distrust our own works. Praise be to Allah, Who is our Hope when

there is no Hope. Prayers and peace be upon our Messenger, our leader and our Imam, as well

as the prayers of our Lord upon his family and his Companions.

While the ten horses neigh waiting for their bit and while the smith blows the bellows and

strikes the white iron and the sparks fly, and while the weaver calls his friend to give him the

thread to finish the remaining saddles, the horseman whispers an important matter in the

blacksmith’s ear and says: “Reinforce the shield and armor.” This whisper deserves its reward

and consideration.

It is the perfection of faith when one uses the means provided as the Exulted One said:

"Against them make ready.” Regarding this verse, Ibn Al-Qayyim, may Allah have mercy on

him, said: “The perfection of faith is using the lawful and providential means that Allah has

placed at one’s disposal. The Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace be upon him and his

Companions, said that ‘The best creature is the one who relies completely on Allah, just as the

Praiseworthy Allah said to him that he should proclaim His religion over all religions, to

exalt it so that no one will contradict His command to fight and prepare the equipment,

force, tack for the horses and to do this seriously and cautiously, watching out for his enemy,

whom he should fight with overt and covert war.’” Zad Al-Mi’ad 3/420.

It is further confirmed by what Allah said: The Unbelievers wish, if ye were negligent of

your arms and your baggage, to assault you in a single rush.” Therefore, take heed and

be cautious. Similarly, true victory is not in equipment and numbers, but in obedience to His word: If ye

will aid the cause of God…”, then the result is:He will aid you, and plant your feet

firmly”, as when Constantinople was conquered by praising Allah, as was written in Sahih

Muslim “Kitab Al-Fitan”.

Furthermore, he said: “Blessed are the strangers”, which refers to those who firmly hold to

their religion when suffering the hot coals of misunderstanding and scrutiny with patience.

Tirmidhi and Abu Dawood similarly said that though one is weak, he still has those who affirm

that he is in the right, which is like pouring salve on the deep wounds of loneliness. The

Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Promote virtue and prohibit vice even if you

see a stingy person getting what wants, frivolity in action, a titillating world and a self-

satisfied know-it-all, be confident in yourself and don’t worry about what others say.

Patience supports you, and you will be like the worker who grips a hot coal and reaps the

wages of fifty workers, who do his type of work.” If what we are currently going through

doesn’t fit this Hadeeth, what else could fit it? This is especially so with the feeling of being a

stranger. Ibn Al-Qayyim had stated about this: “The loneliness of feeling like a stranger is not

emigrating from country to country. Rather, this loneliness is living with your family and

friends and being a stranger among them.” That is being a stranger in your being and being a

stranger in your senses, manner of living, and devotion to the One Judge. This is being a

stranger with that pining for home as in this Hadeeth when the Prophet, prayers and peace of

Allah be upon him, was asked about the feeling of being a stranger. He said:

There are some who are full of evil and bankrupt with regard to goodness. There are more

that disobey them than follow them.” Therefore, be steadfast, patient, long-suffering and

forbearing and extinguish the flames of your heart according to the explanation of the Surat


Pen and paper cannot describe what willpower can accomplish with Allah’s help just as Ibn Al-

Jawzi said:

The shortcomings of the weak are not as bothersome

As the shortcomings of those who are capable.

The fingertips long for the trigger and the ear grows accustomed to the sound of swords

clashing. Likewise, the heart yearns to see the Merciful One and paradise. The breast longs for

the 70 virgins, and the eye for Allah’s waving banners on top of the minaret. The ear hopes for

the blessed sound of “God is Greater!”, so where are those who are rolling up their sleeves for

the Lord of the Kaaba?

Therefore, we are waiting for the ten horses to dash off.

The Prophet, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, said: “Send from among them a

vanguard of ten or twelve horses.” Ibn Saud said: “The Prophet, prayers and peace of Allah be

upon him, said: ‘I don’t know their names, their tribes and the color of their horses. They

were in that day the best horsemen on earth. The imposters fought against them, and they

became martyrs.'” This was narrated by Muslim via Ibn ‘Aliyya via Ayoub via Hameed bin

Hilal via Abu Qatada via Yaseer bin Jabir.

Oh, may the Almighty Allah make us like them!

Oh esteemed and honored sheikhs, we now stand before you, especially since your are from the

land that Mustafa, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, talked about in Ibn Hawala’s

Hadeeth: “According to what Ibn Hawala said, the Messenger, prayers and peace of Allah be

upon him, said: ‘It will turn out that you become recruits; that is soldiers for al-Sham1,

Yemen and Iraq.’ Ibn Hawala said, ‘choose for me, Oh Messenger of Allah, if I were to reach

that stage.’ And he said, ‘Go to Al-Sham, it is the best of Allah’s lands. The best of His

worshippers go there. If you refuse, then go to your Yemen and drink of your mischief

because Allah entrusted me with Al-Sham and its people.’” This was narrated by Ahmad and

Abu Dawoud. According to Ibn Abbas’s Hadeeth, “Abdelrazzaq told us about Al-Mounzer bin

Al-Nouman Al-Aftas, who said, ‘I heard Wahab talking about Ibn Abbas, who said that the

Prophet, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, said that from Aden-Abyan are coming 12

thousand soldiers in support of Allah and the Prophet, who e the very best’”. This was

narrated by Ahmad.

Oh sheikhs of ours, victory brings an end to despair, and this applies to whatever our scholars

the messengers meant to say to us. They unanimously tell us to have hope, “Our victory did

reach them.” Saeed, according to Ezzedin during the era of Kathr Khadhluwa and Ezz

Nasruwa, said, ‘We are with you body and soul in Khorasan’ (Afghanistan). Good news from

us; help and victory are coming, with Allah’s permission.

Your Brothers the Riders of the Ten Horses

By Your Brother Abdelsalam Aqeeda on their behalf


Written on the slopes of a mountain in Khorasa