Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Struggle Is An Interpretation Of The Words

The Post-Imprisonment Phase By Sheikh: Abu Sa’d al-‘Amili (May Allah Protect Him)

If you revert to incarcerating us in order to distance us from the people and to stop our Da’wa mission; if you do that to prevent us from speaking the Truth, from promoting virtue, or from prohibiting vice; if you do that to prevent us from encouraging people to adhere to their religion and to perform their duties; then we will cling to patience and perseverance, and we will not surrender our principals, nor bow to you nor stop our mission. We will in fact return to pursuing the Da’wa even while in prison. We will exhort people to sound out the truth and resist deceit, expose it and defeat it. Hundreds or rather thousands of the sons of this Ummah will carry on this mission. These are the ones that you don’t know about, and you have not taken into account.

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