Friday, June 15, 2012

Americans are big fat liars

Please slaves of Allah do your duty for yet another brother arrested on fabricated charges just because he thinks [ Islamic ] which is now a crime ,may Allah SWT strengthen him ameen

Robert E. O’Neill, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida; Lisa Monaco, Assistant Attorney General for National Security; and Steven E. Ibison, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Tampa Division anoucced today the arrest of a twenty five-year-old resident of Pinellas Park, Florida, Sami Osmakac, who has been charged in connection with an alleged plot orchestrated and funded by the FBI, to attack locations in Tampa with a vehicle bomb, assault rifle, and other explosives.
Sami Osmakac, a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in the former Yugoslavia (Kosovo), was arrested Saturday night. He is charged in a criminal complaint in the Middle District of Florida with one count of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction (explosives) and was scheduled to make his initial appearance 10 January at 2:00 p.m. EST, in federal court, before U.S. Magistrate Judge Anthony Porcelli, in Tampa. If convicted, Osmakac faces a maximum sentence of life in prison and a $250,000 fine.
The arrest of Osmakac was the culmination of yet another FBI generated “terrorist attack” in which Osmakac was closely monitored by law enforcement officials for several months. The dummy explosives and firearms that he allegedly sought and attempted to use were all manufactured and provided by the FBI and were rendered inoperable by law enforcement, which is conducive to the pattern of FBI false flag operations, wherein the government controlled sting poses “no threat to the public” save for the erosion of their civil liberties and terrorising the general population by the inculcation of an atmosphere of fear. 
The use of plants and paid informants from the Muslim community is also a right out of the government’s playbook, as this is one of the hallmarks of such FBI fabrications and “collusion” by the “Muslim Community” has been alluded to by the statements of U.S. Attorney O’Neill and FBI Special Agent in Charge Steven Ibison who stated:
‘The perseverance and diligence of law enforcement caused this investigation to conclude in a successful manner, I would like to commend them for their hard work. This investigation was also predicated, in part, by assistance from the Muslim community. I would like to thank them as well.’
‘The Tampa FBI Division has always considered its relationships with regional community groups throughout Central and Southwest Florida extremely important. In this case, we are grateful for the Muslim community’s continued support. This incident clearly demonstrated how citizens can help law enforcement keep our neighbourhoods and our nation safe’
The intention of the government to mislead the public regarding their campaign of state staged terror attacks is persistently demonstrated by the contrary concept that the public was both at all times safe during the tightly controlled pre-planed plot orchestrated by the FBI, yet at the same time, saved from non-existent danger that only serves to further justify the increasingly fascist overtures of the US government. This was made clear in the comments of Assistant Attorney General Lisa Monaco:
‘The facts as alleged in this case underscore the need for continued vigilance both at home and abroad. Thanks to a coordinated law enforcement effort, this alleged plot was thwarted before anyone was harmed, I applaud the many agents, analysts and prosecutors who worked together to ensure this matter was resolved safely.’
The use of an informant is confirmed by referencing the complaint affidavit against Osmakac which states that in September of 2011, the FBI received information from a confidential human source (CHS) indicating that Osmakac had asked for al-Qaeda flags.
In November 2011, Osmakac and the CHS discussed and identified potential targets, in Tampa, where Osmakac intended on carrying out violent attacks. Osmakac allegedly asked the CHS for help in obtaining firearms and explosives for the attacks. The CHS indicated that they knew someone who might be able to provide firearms and explosives and introduced Osmakac to an FBI paid provocateur.
The complaint alleges that Osmakac met with the FBI paid provocateur, in person, on 21 December 2011, and stated that he wished to acquire an AK-47-style machine gun, Uzi submachine guns, high capacity magazines, grenades and an explosive belt. In a subsequent meeting, Osmakac allegedly provided the FBI paid provocateur with a $500 down payment for an AK-47, multiple homemade explosive grenades and the explosive belt.
According to the complaint, Osmakac also asked the FBI provided “terrorist” whether they could build bombs that could be placed in three different vehicles and detonated remotely, near where Osmakac would conduct a follow-up attack using the other weapons he requested. The FBI facilitator said they could possibly provide explosives for one vehicle. Osmakac also allegedly said that he wanted an explosive belt constructed to kill people.
During a subsequent meeting with the FBI agitator on 1 January 2012, Osmakac allegedly described his attack plans by stating that he wanted to obtain a hotel room; park the vehicle with the bomb in it at his target; leave the area; detonate the car bomb; and then retrieve the weapons and explosives from the hotel room. Among Osmakac’s alleged bomb targets were night clubs in the Ybor City area of Tampa, the operations center of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Ybor City and a business in the South Tampa area of Tampa.
The complaint alleges that, as part of the second portion of his planned attack, Osmakac told the FBI paid provocateur that, after the car bomb was detonated, he wanted to use the explosive belt to ‘get in somewhere where there’s a lot of people’ and take hostages. He allegedly stated that he would then make demands of the FBI to release some prisoners. According to the criminal complaint, when discussing law enforcement officers that might respond to the scene, Osmakac allegedly stated, ‘once I have this . . . they can take me in five million pieces’ in an apparent reference to the explosive belt that would be attached to his waist.
During the 1 January meeting, the FBI paid provacateur noted that Osmakac could change his mind and back out of the plot. According to the complaint, Osmakac immediately shook his head in the negative and stated, ‘We all have to die, so why not die the Islamic way?
On 7 January, 2012, FBI agents arrested Osmakac after he took possession of the explosive devices and firearms that had been procured, produced, provided and rendered inoperable by law enforcement. The complaint alleges that, shortly prior to his arrest, Osmakac made a video of himself explaining his motives for carrying out the planned violent attack.

As events and “evidence” is becomes known to the public it will likely show yet another attack following the pattern of FBI fabricated attacks, instigation and agitation as part of the Bureau’s campaign of terrorising the US public for political and economic gain.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tariq HA)

Do Not cry for me

لا تـبكني أمـاه وابـك بلوعة ديـناً جـريحاً ما عليه بــواكيا
Do not cry for me, Mother, rather cry heavily [instead] * for a wounded religion no one is crying for
ما كنت يومـا رغم حبسي جاثيا فـلأجل ربـي أسـتطيب عذابيا
Never in spite of my imprisonment did I kneel * and for the sake of my Lord I shall enjoy this punishment
أمـاه إن خـط القـضاء منيتي بـدم تحـرر فـاصبري لمصـابيا
O Mother, if my death has been decreed * then be patient for my tribulation
لله قـد قدمت روحـي راغبـا ثـمنـا ليبقى أصـل ديـني عاليا
I have willfully given my soul to Allah. * A small price to pay for my religion to remain high
وقحـمت أسـباب المنايا حاملا بيـدي لنـصرة دعـوتي أكفـانيا
I crossed the pathway of death, carrying * in my hands my Kaffan hoping to bring victory to my Religion
فالمـوت لا يـريع نفسـاً حرةً قهـرت خطوباً قـد عصفن عواتيا
For Death does not scare a free soul * [A soul] which has overcome trials coming forth as violent winds
والقيد ليس بمـوهن لي هـمتي والسجن ليـس بمحبطٍ آمــاليا
Handcuffs will not lower my determination * Neither will this prison lower my hopes
يا أمّ لا تبـكي لحبسي دمعـةً وابكي لـدينٍ ما علـيه بواكيـا
[So], Mother, do not shed tears for my captivity * And weep instead for this Religion which no one is weeping for
فالسجن خير من حيـاة مذلـةٍ وأنا لـربي قـد نذرت حياتيـا
For Prison is better than a life of disgrace. * And for my Lord, I vowed my life
أنا لست أركعُ رغبةً في لقمـةٍ أو أشتكي سـوطاً يُعربد عاتيـا
I am not one to bow down for a loaf [of bread] * or one to complain of the whip tearing my shoulders
فالسجن ليس بضائري إن ضمّني والقيد ليـس معجـلاً أكفانيـا
For Prison is not going to harm me when it embraces me * And these chains will not bring my death any sooner
والسجن ليس بحابسٍ لي دعـوتي والقيد ليـس بمطفـئ أنواريـا
This prison is not going to hold back my Message * and these shackles are not going to dim my Lights
أنا هـاهنا حر برغم سلاسـلي ورنينها يشـجي ربوع فؤاديـا
I am here free, in spite of my chains * and its sounds bring life to my heart
أنا هـاهنـا عزّي هنا حريـتي فالعز قيدي والشموخ جراحيـا
Over here I find my dignity, over here I find my freedom * Dignity [can be seen] in my shackles, and determination [can be seen] in my wounds
سأقول للسجن الذي قد ضمني اشدد قيودك لا تفـك وثاقيـا
I will tell this prison which has embraced me * Tighten your bonds, and do not let untie my chains
أنا هـاهنا حـر ودون قيودنـا شـعبٌ يُطأطئ للخيانة جاثيـا
I am here free, and away from these chains * is a nation which has lowered its head kneeling for Treachery
يا سجن إنّي قد عشقتُ سلاسلي هذي السلاسل والقيود سلاحيا
O Prison, I have fallen in love with these chains * these chains and bonds are my weapons [and source of strength]
يا سـجن إنـّي قد ألفتُ زنازني هـذي الزنازن والظلامُ ردائيـا
O Prison, I have gotten used to this jail cell. * This cell and its darkness are my cover and clothing
أنا في قيودك شامـخٌ في عـزتي والحرُ يخنع خلف سورك راضيـا
I am in your chains steadfast with my dignity * and those “free” outside your walls are happy in their disgrace
قد حددوا عيشي على قضبانـهم وبظـلِ قيدك مولدي ووفاتيـا
They restricted my life between these bars * and within the shadows of these chains is by birth and death
وعلى جدارك قد خططت ملاحمي حفراً بظفري والـمداد دمائيـا
On your walls I have recorded my struggles * with my nails I have carved it, and my blood I used as ink
بدمي خططت براءتي من كفرهم ولأجل ذا ضـاقت عليّ بلاديـا
With my blood I have written my dissociation from their Kufr * And for that reason my own country have narrowed and closed in on me
يا أمّ مـالك تذرفـين الدمع لا لا تفعلي أفديـك أمـاً حانيـة
O Mother, do not shed these tears over me, don’t * May I be scarified for you, what a kind loving mother you are
يا أمّ لا تبكـي لقيدي واصبري فالفجـر يشرق عن قريبٍ آتيـا
O Mother do not cry because of my shackles and be patient * Since Dawn will soon come bringing forth its light
والكفر مندحـرٌ بإثْر جيوشهم والنور من ديني يُشـعشع زاهيـا
Disbelief will soon disintegrate with its armies * And the light from my Religion [will remain] brightly shining
والحـقّ منتصرٌ برغم سجونـهم والقيد منكسـرٌ وديـني عاليـا
And the Truth will prevail, in spite of their jails * And the cuffs would soon break, and my Religion will remain high
أبو محمدالمقدسي – رمضان 1417- سجن سواقة في الاردن
Abu Muhummad al-Maqdisi, Ramadaan 1417, Swaqa Prison, Jordan

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In the Souls of green birds

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Their (shuhada’s) souls are in the crops of green birds, which have lamps hanging from the Throne, and they roam freely wherever they want in Paradise, then they return to those lamps. Their Lord looked down upon them and said: ‘Do you desire anything?’ They said: ‘What could we desire, when we can roam freely wherever we want in Paradise?’ He (subhanahu wa ta’ala) did that with them three times, and when they saw that they would not be left without being asked, they said: ‘O Lord, we want You to restore our souls to our bodies so that we may be killed in Your cause again.’ When He saw that they had no need, they were left alone.” [The Book of Leadership: Sahih Muslim]

This was the reply given by Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) when Abdullah Ibn Masud (radi Allahu anhu) asked him about this ayat: “And do not regard those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead, rather, they are alive with their Lord, being provided for.” [Al-Quran 3:169]

While the rest of humankind is in their graves, the shuhada go straight to Jannat to begin to enjoy its blessings. They are so happy here that there is nothing more that they can desire. When Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) insists on asking them what else they could want, they say that they desire to be martyred again for Allah's cause in order to become more worthy of the extreme felicity that they are enjoying.

They are in this form of birds in Paradise till the Day of Judgment; the period known as the ‘barzakh’. Then their souls will be put into the bodies that the people of Jannat will have, after which they will enjoy life in Jannat in the form mentioned in numerous ahadith and in the Quran.

The best bargain that could be made is the bargain we made with Allah (subhana wa ta’ala), that is to exchange our short earthly lives obeying Allah, in exchange for immortality spent in never ending happiness.

Your children our children

 In view of this report and the on going violations against Palestinain children we as a ummah have to be more proactive in our efforts to bring these ugly situation to an end bi'idhnillah

we have all the ammunition all we have to do is use

Urgent Appeal - (UA - 2/12) - Forcible transfer of children

In April 2012, 52 percent of Palestinian child detainees were transferred to prisons inside Israel, in violation of international law. The practical consequence of this violation is that many children receive either limited, or no family visits. Please send urgent appeals demanding that children are not transferred out of the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

UK lawyers write to Foreign Secretary regarding forcible transfer of children

Allah Musta'an

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Declaration of the Islamic Emirate regarding the schools

Rajab 12, 1433 A.H, Sunday, June 03, 2012

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

According to the media reports recently in Takhar province some female students of a school were poisoned. Earlier reports were given about Khost province and some other parts of the country. Some pro-colonial and anti-jihadi media which normally reports these incidents prior to anyone else, abruptly blamed the Islamic Emirate and did not wait for the official spokesman of the Islamic Emirate to assess this incident. Elsewhere the media neglects that in 2011 in an educational conference in London the education minister of the puppet regime of Kabul acknowledged that the so called armed opposition is not against the education of boys and girls. Similarly the professional deputy minister of this office told the media that the schools are destroyed by some criminal gangs and not by the Taliban. At the same time we would like to say that on 22nd February in Kashkot area of Khewa district one teacher and 9 students were injured in the indiscriminate shelling of helicopters by the invading forces. But the stooge media have turned a blind eye over all these facts and realities.

he fact is that recently the invading forces have martyred and burnt innocent civilians and children in Zangawat area of Panjwai district and prior to that they have humiliated the bodies of the martyrs. Similarly in Bagram air base they committed the unpardonable act of disgracing the Holy Quran. Now the invaders and their local stooges try to divert the attention of the Afghan nation as well as of the international community from their barbaric deeds and crimes by these kinds of planed issues of infecting the girls.

The Islamic Emirate once again declares that these and likewise dire incidents are carried out by some intelligence agencies including the intelligence agency of the puppet admin of Kabul by the name of national security.

The policy of Mujahideen is palpable i.e. armed resistance against the invading forces and their supporters till the liberation of the country.

Moreover false allegations of the invaders and their hired media against Mujahedeen are the part of the media war and have no reality.

The Islamic Emirate declares its complete acquittal and says that this kind of criminals will be penalized according to the Islamic Law where ever arrested inside the country.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan