Friday, July 27, 2012

Victims of the american inquisition part 2.‏

Zachary Adam Chesser – April 15, 2012 “Taking my children away because of my faith”

Please slaves of Allah read and spread this so that minds and hearts can become aware of the way our muslim children are ripped from their mothers even when they are  breast fed and given " lawfully ' to the worst of guardians the lowest in morals and the narrowest of minds ......  just another method of control and abuse perpetrated against our dear sisters and their families Alhumdu lillah Aala kulli Hal
This is not an isolated indicent but an ongoing consistent broadening effort that is well established in the "modern world " to break the backs of our men and the hearts of our women ...... but those who are affected are only more determined to march forth and gain the dignity of this Deen and the restoration of what Allah Al Muntaqim has rightfully awarded them.
 All this because they  raised to defend the honor of our beloved RasulAllah salla Allahu Alaihe wa sallam La huwla walla quwaita illah bilah
please read on jazakAllah khayrum
My wife had been safely settled in Jordan for a long time, but apparently there was some informal agreement between other parties not to bring Talhah to stay with her unless she was in Uganda. However, my wife had gained refugee status and could not return to Uganda. Furthermore, my wife was not informed of this informal agreement, so she was deceived into thinking that Talhah would be brought to her when nobody ever intended to do this despite an agreement in court. In fact, even the judge in the case expresses in the transcript that there was basically an understanding that the whole original agreement was a sham intended to take our son from us. My mother actually corrected him on this issue even though he was trying to help her by conveying that point.

In July, 2011 the FBI called my mother and informed her that they believed Umm Talhah and I were plotting to remove my son from the country permanently, so my mother filed a motion to take custody of our son, and the judge granted her this without hearing any testimony or even inviting any of the other parties to attend the hearing. My mother just showed up with police one day and took my son from his other grandmother. My mother filed for full custody after being granted four days out of every two weeks with my son. I do not really know what the FBI was basing this on, unless they were referring to our efforts to use the court to force people to uphold their ends of the agreement, because there was no secret plot. Maybe they just lied for the same reasons they decided to contact my mother before, or maybe they got confused, but either way they never took any steps to correct their actions.

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