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Explanation of The Three Fundamental Principles (Thalaathatul-Usool) #1 ...

Class #1 on Explanation of The Three Fundamental Principles (Thalaathatul-Usool) #1 - Shiekh Ahmad Musa Jibril

You can download the Arabic book at:

The book in english:

Outline of the class:
Brief introduction:
-Knowledge is acquired slowly and surely.
-Ibn Shihab's statement on taking knowledge in a lump sum.
-Be patient if matters get difficult
-Alkhateeb Albaghdady narrates the story of the man who seen water dripping on a stone.
-Becoming a student of knowledge has its own procedure.
*3 level of studying from a teacher:
1) Samaa Mubashir - direct from a Shiekh/teacher.
2) Wasitah - through a mediator
3) Wijadah - through a book
-Studying through the internet is a level between the first and second, possibly closer or right under the first.
*Writing knowledge or taking notes is important. The salaf encouraged it
*Study of the Usool Thalatah beings.
The author starts with Bismallah Allah Alrahman Alraheem, called Basmallah:
1) The aspect of Taweed Al-uluhieh in mentioning Allah's name on anything.
2) The aspect of Taweed Ar-rububieh in mentioning Allah's name on anything.
3) The aspect of Taweed asamaa wassifat in mentioning Allah's name on anything.
4) Arabic grammatical rule: When you say Bismallah it automatically implies your saying - Bismallah I drink in that order.
-Arabic language eliminates the need to mention the act your saying basmalah for.
5) 2nd grammatical rule in Bismallah: Why is it (Bismallah I eat) in that order and not (I eat Bismallah)?
a) To bless your name by mentioning Allah's name prior to mentioning the act itself.
b) In Arabic saying (Bismallah I eat) rather than (I eat Bismallah) limits the action solely for the sake of Allah and no one else.
6) Proof that it's permissible to start your writings with Basmalah.
7) General barakah and virtues on saying Bismallah for everything good.

-Classes will not be broadcast on paltalk as was previously announced because of the lack of help and support in many areas.

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