Tuesday, April 5, 2011

أنشودة غرباء : أداء معتقلي السلفية الجهادية بسجن سلا

Allahu Akbar

Ghurabaa do not bow the forehead to anyone besides Allah
Ghurabaa have chosen this to be the motto of life
If you ask about us , then we do not care about the tyrants
We are the regular soldiers of Allah , our path is a preserved path
We never care about the chains , rather we will continue forever
So let us make jihad and battle and fight from the start
Ghurabaa this is how they are free in an enslaved world
How many times we remember a time we were happy , in the book of Allah
we recite it morning and evening
Ghurabaa Ghurabaa

Tooba to the Ghurabaa

Alhumdu Lillahi Rabil Alaimeen

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