Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Clarification of What Occurred in America in 9/11

 ... And if this is established, then know that America is a disbelieving country, which is an enemy towards Islam and the Muslims. And it has reached the pinnacle of arrogance and has deployed attacks upon many of the Islamic people as it has done in Sudan and Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine and Libya and others as America has cooperated with the powers of Kufr such as Britain and Russia and others in their attacks and their attempts to destroy it (i.e. Islam).

Just like America removed the Palestinians from their homes and established the brothers of apes and pigs (i.e. the Jews) in Palestine and stood on the side of the transgressing state of the Jews with everything that it has from financial support and military and intelligence. So how could America commit all these deeds and not be considered an enemy to the Islamic people and an aggressor towards it (i.e. Islam)?

However, when it rebelled and transgressed and became arrogant and saw the U.S.S.R. was destroyed by the hands of the Afghani Muslims, it assumed that it became the only superpower, of which there was no power higher than it. And it forgot that Allah, Glorified and High, is stronger than it and is able to humiliate it and destroy it.

And verily, from what we regret, is that many of our brothers from the 'Ulama' were overtaken by the side of mercy and emotion and they forgot - or were made to forget - what this disbelieving country commits from murder and destruction and mischief in many of the lands of Islam. And it did not do so with any mercy or compassion.


courtesy Minbar of Tawhed and Jihad

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