Wednesday, December 28, 2011

aafiyah ... al utbah ...

The Supplication of Prophet SAAWS after the way he was treated by the people of Taaif

O Allah , to you I complain of the frailty of my strength ,the deficiency of my stratagem and my humiliation at the people
O Most Merciful of those who show mercy .
You are the Lord of the feeble and oppressed and You are my Lord .
O Allah to whom will you entrust me ?
To a distant one who will receive me in an odious way or to an enemy , whom You will put me in possession of ?

If you are not angry at me , then I am indifferent save that Your aafiyah is more expansive for me
I take refuge in the Light of Your face , which has radiated over the darkness and put the affairs of this world and the Hereafter in order , from Your discontentment descending upon me or that Your anger set down upon me.

To You is my al-utbah until You are pleased and there is no might nor power except by You

related by Ibn Ishaaq in as - Seerah

" aafiyah " possible meaning ... your protection of me from the people

" al-utbah " possible meaning ....I plead to You and constantly apologies for my wrong doings until You become pleased

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