Thursday, January 12, 2012

اصغر شهيدة في المعتقل معتقلة 10 1 2012


4 month old baby Afaf Mahmoud Al-Sarakbi, was tortured to death by Bashar al-Assad’s security forces after she and her family were arrested in Homs, Syria. Her lifeless body was handed over to her uncle and the signs of torture was evident all over her small body. The whereabouts of the child’s parents is still unknown.

This comment was posted on youtube and it says it all for the moment but much more is to come and we will see which of us will be victorious and which will end up torn to pieces and we look forward to seeing that filthy dogs smashed up demise

This is beyond my imagination!!!

when i saw this, my body trembled!

Ya Allah, give us back our Mother! (Khilafah)

Ya Allah, give us back our Dignity!

Ya Allah, give us back our identity!

Ya Allah, give us back our Shield! (khalifah)

Ya Allah, give us back our sincere Mujahideen from the opressors!

Ya Allah, give us back our pride!

Ya Allah, I beg you of all my heart bring an end to all this pain that is inflicted upon all the muslims in the whole world!!!

Ameen Ameen Ameen!!!

Ameen Thumma Ameen

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