Monday, January 16, 2012

Become strong, prison whips, and raise up

Become strong, prison whips, and raise up
And block the light as much as you can with your shock;
° And send grief upon open eyes
That refuse to sleep from memories and pain;
As my soul refuses to validate a transgressor
Or to bow to a tyrant out of anguish;
° Or to be restrained by preventing walls
Or to harken for a dream appearing out of sorrow;
They are able to gather these bodies
But they cannot prevent me from a sweetness that I can hear;
The foulness of their scent has faded
° And this sweetness shines with illuminating lights;
So, glory to the One who has made the sound of His Name;
An arrow to fill the cup of the soul with devoutness;
A revived song, the voice of a jaybird
And it flew with the soul and reached the Gardens;
O quencher of the soul, fill our cups and quench our thirst
And whoever calls you to be silent is the one who is handicapped

Sheikh Abu Qatadah HA) aseer ....keep him in ur duas

Ibn Taymiyyah said in The Fatwas (28/635), “freeing prisoners is one of the greatest obligations, and spending money in this matter is one of the greatest sacrifices”.
° : Ibn Qudamah Al-Hanbali said (Al-Mughni 9/228): It is obligatory to pay the ransom money for the Muslim prisoners, if it is possible.
° It has been narrated by Saeed through his chain from Hibban bin Jabalah, that the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) said: “Indeed it is obligatory upon the Muslims to free their captives or to pay their ransoms.”

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