Friday, August 31, 2012

Some Knowledge & Jewels Of Wisdom (Part 1) By Abdullah Abdul Malik

The battle of the hearts and minds has been around since the beginning of the creation. The true battle of iman vs. kufr, the faith vs. disbelief. The people of truth vs. the people of disbelief. The never ending struggle of this life. You see there are deep emotional feelings that root deep in our hearts and our mind develops these thoughts and combined has a big effect on who we are. You see the believers are under constant attack, from outside from the world of mankind and jinn and from the unseen and from within, our weaknesses and desires etc. 
My point is this.....a human being has the potential to be something great in the eyes of Allah, we have an inner secret ability that we must discover and use for this deen, and we are being attacked through many ways we dont even know and being destroyed from within.  Televison, media, books, radio, senseless past times, radio music, philosophies etc.  And society ruins the heart, and the evil people in power know that we Muslims have this inner strength. That inner strength is from our faith, iman. So when a Muslims sins it weakens the mind and the heart. The heart becomes weak and unable to go on and carry the weight of the dunya and the tests of this life. And this is turn makes the iman weak. 
In Guantanamo they torture the brothers. They lock them up in rooms and play music with the volume turned up all the way to make his faith weak. Do you know why.....because music effects the heart. And he may break down and tell them everything they want to know and if they have no information for them, they might make something up to stop the many styles of harsh torture. Their objective is to weaken us internally so we cannot defeat them! Because our strength lies with being obedient to Allah, and when we sin we destroy ourselves.
Why do you think Muslims who listen to music and shave everyday of their life are weak. These are all tools of shaytan that has weakened us. So when the enemy comes through we run and get slaughtered. They use everything in this world to fight us to take us away from reality. Its like the Matrix, most of us are walking around this world completely asleep, deep in acoma, in this fake world of illusions, and Allah told us that this life is only a short test, but many of us dont reflect. 

The want to make you become kuffar, eat, sleep, dress, talk, support, live and think like the kuffar, but inside you still think you are Muslim! But in reality you become one them!  
They use everything in this world to weaken the believer, thats why the kuffar ship satellite dishes to the arab villages, send all their immoral filth to the Muslim world, flood them with television shows, music, hollywood, alcohol, sexual desires and this fake belief of freedom. They empower tyrants over you, to plunder your wealth, steal your resources and oppress you. Put your true scholars in prison, torture and keep you deep in poverty.....all to put fear in your heart, all to poison deviate and destroy you. You see they know that if we apostate and leave our deen then Allah will not give us victory, because they know that victory only lies with Allahs help, and Allah only sends his help on the true believers, with the right tawheed and aqeedah. So if they deviate us, and we become like them, then Allah will desert us and only then they can defeat us. 
And they know this, they know the truth, but out of their arrogance and pride, the choose to disbelieve and fight the truth. But Allah says, so do not fear them but fear me if you are true believers! And the fear we have of them is only from our sins and the hidden diseases and shirk in our hearts. Because what we see and listen to enters the ears travels through the brain and the heart absorbs it and infects our the inner chambers of our heart. Allah says that there is a piece of the body that if it is clean and healthy then the whole body will be clean and healthy and if it becomes infected the whole body will become sick and infected and this piece of flech is the heart. 
If you are a believer you have something special in you, discover it and protect it and use it to aid this religion. We are one Ummah with one straight path to victory, so return to Allah the book and the true path of success. Our strength comes from our faith in Allah, trusting in Allah, staying far away from all types of sins and disobedience and thats when the help of Allah comes and when we reach that level it means the victory is near.
 if he reduces himself [ by making wrong choices ] man is nothing but a handful of dust , if he rises [ by faith and action ] the two worlds , this and the next , cannot contain him ...Urdu Poet Jigar ....

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