Monday, September 10, 2012

Shaykh Abu Suhaibs last advice before being re-sentenced

Sheikh Abu Suhaib HA)  Just moments after his reversal by the taghut courts, and now facing 9 years imprisonment,
The shaykh gives his last advice to the Muslims in general and the brothers here in Australia specifically.
May Allah preserve him and keep him and his family steadfast on the Haqq Ameen

 The Sheikh is saying that inshaAllah victory is ours in ash-shaam as the Prophet peace be upon him gave us glad tidings about shaam
also not to sit back on our couches and criticise those who are fighting for this deen
he said you are either with the people of iman or with the people of kufr
- to return to the kitaab and sunnah and to find the men by their following the Haqq (truth) and not the other way around, which is to attach the truth to men and personalities

He said we should accept the qadr of Allah, even if the eye sheds tears but we only say what is pleasing to Allah azzawajal.
- do not stray off the way of the salaf. - if you live amongst the kuffar then to leave them. -
- protect yourselves and your family from the fire. he repeats his advice again which is do hijrah and do not criticise those who are working for the deen.
- he expresses his love for the Muslims and to reunite with them

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