Saturday, December 8, 2012

Letter to Genie

In the name of Allah the Compassinate , the Merciful

This writing of the prophet of Allah , the Substainer of the world is for the person who , due to some reason enters a house at night or resides in a house and inflict harm. O Rahman ! bestow goodness on him !

Thereafter! Between us and you , htere is an extensiveness and room as regards rights . Therefore if you love someone and have a liking for him and distinguish between right and wrong and want to resort to force , and belie what is right , then you should know that the book of Allah gives the rigth judgement between us and you . Says Allah the Sublime , "This is my book which speaks out what is right  as compared to yourself . We record whatever you do and Our Angels , too keep it in writing .

Therefore let alone the person who has this writing of mine and flee to the idol worshippers , or go to a person who associates someone else with worship of Allah although there is none else worthy of worship except Allah . Everything except Him is perishable . In this world . His is the rule and to him all have to return .

"Thaghlaboon "" Ha Meen " They should not be helped " Ha Meen Aen Seen Qaf " The enemies of Allah get dispersed ! The proof has already come from Allah . Nobody except Allah wields power and force ! Therefore Allah Who Is All Knowing and All hearing ,is enough to save you from their mischief !

seal Allah's

note this letter was in response to an appeal from Abu Dujana ra) who came to RasulAllah salla Allahu Alaihe wa sallam reporting strange happenings in his house at night and RasulAllah saws) thought it to be from Jinn "Genie" so he wrote this letter to the Genie .so Abu Dujana kept this letter under his pillow and one night he heard a voice : O Abu Dujana ra) , By Lat and Uzza you have burnt me If you remove the writing under your pillow , then by the writer of the letter I shall never visit your house or your neigbourhood again. " Abu Dujana related the incident to RasulAllah saws) who said " Abu Dujana remove the writing otherwise by the One who has sent me as a Prophet, the community of genie shall remain in agony till the day of Judgement

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