Friday, December 7, 2012

Letter to M'uaz Bin Jabal ra)

In the name of Allah , the Compassionate the Merciful

from Muhammed Prophet of Allah -----

To M'uaz bin Jabal ra)

May peace be on you ! I praise Allah the One . May Allah add your recompense and calm your heart and give you endurance to thank Him

As a matter of fact , our lives , our kith and kin and our property are merely a trust temporarily reposed in us from amongst the gifts of Allah . He benefits His servant by it , till He likes and when the fixed time comes , He takes it back .

The duty of man is to thank Allah , when He bestows on him a munificence and when He takes it back , he should endure it with patience . Your son was a good trust from Allah He kept him blessed with you until He liked .And when He desired He took him away from you in return for a great recompense , provided you keep yourself contented with the will of Allah

O Mu'az if you show impatience you will lose your recompense or reward with Allah .If you get to know , how much return and recompense has been granted to you for it , then this loss would appear very meagre in your eyes .

The Promise which Allah has made with the people who endure misfortune and pain with patience , shall be fully fulfilled in the life to come .The promise of Allah should reduce your grief . What ever is destined to take place , must occur.

peace be there!

seal  ..Allah's

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