Monday, February 13, 2012

Bushra for the Mothers of Heroes

A’wf bin Maalik reported that Rasool Allah (saw) said
“I and the woman of two black cheeks shall be like these (two fingers) on Yawmil Qiyaamah, the woman who has been bereft of her husband, possessing beauty and respectability and who confines herself to her orphan children until they attain maturity or die.” (ABU DAWOOD
Aishah reported that Rasool Allah (saw) said “Taking care of your homes is your responsibility. This act of yours is jihad.”(AHMAD) and It is also reported that Nabi (saw) said “The efforts of a woman to serve and maintain the home would be equal to act of the mujaahideen if Allah Wills.” (AL HINDI ‘Kanz al U’mmaal’) and Similarly it is reported that Nabi (saw) said “A woman right from the period of pregnancy until child-birth and from the period of childbirth until the period of lactation is like the mujaahid who is continuously vigilant during his duty. And if she dies during this period she gets the status of a shaheedah.” (AL HINDI ‘Kanz al U’mmaal’) This hadeeth is supported by another hadeeth which compares the woman’s reward in rearing the children, Anas narrated that Salamah the nurse of Ibraheem said to Nabi (saw) ‘O Messenger of Allah you brought tidings to me but not to women’ Rasool Allah (saw) said “Did your women friends put you up to asking me this question?”She said ‘Yes they did’ He (saw) said “Does it not please any of you that if she is pregnant by her husband and he is satisfied with her, that she receives the reward of one who fasts and prays for the sake of Allah? And when the labour pains come, none in heaven or in earth knows what is concealed in her womb to soothe her. And when she delivers not a mouthful of milk flows from her and not an instance of child’s suck, but that she receives for every mouthful and every suck the reward of one good deed and if she is kept awake by the child at night she receives the reward of one who frees seventy slaves for the sake of Allah.” (TABARAANI)

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