Sunday, February 19, 2012

We must establish the Khaalifah now

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The claim that the USA, Britain and their allies have been persuing Bin Laden for fifteen years due to their desire for justice in the name of innocent civilians killed is manifestly a false claim when we see on a daily basis the deliberate killing of civilians by USA, Britain and their allies via their enormous arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. If civilian life was their concern, they would not have been busy bombing civilians for the last few decades, killing millions in the process.

The United Nations has been continuously exposed as a mere tool of Euro-American agression against the Muslim world, a vehicle to steal its resources and political faciltator of its destroy and rebuild projects. 'We bomb you in the name of freedom and democracy, with the support of the international community'... 'Anyone who threatens our borders we warn them of our determination to destroy them with all our force, but we ourselves can invade who we want, and kill who we want without seeking permission of anyone, as we are the ones who make the rules to serve our tyrannical ambitions' These tyrannical ambitions though have been hindered at every step. The latest rebellions against the western supported tyrants in North Africa and the Middle East are now feared by the Western powers to transform from a move towards pro-Western democracy towards Islamic revival. As soon as the masses wake up to Western interference and manipulation in any supposedly free elections, they might start realizing their prosperity can only emerge in implementing Islam as a complete way of life.

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  1. brother the practise of sunnah is known as khilafat, if you practise the sunnah of emaarat, you are practising the sunnah of khilafat,
    you understood or need more explanation